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Oragen Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dartcom, a proudly level 1 B-BBEE contributor
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About Us

Oragen Energy is a leading provider of fully integrated energy solutions for its customers. Backed by the strong foundations of its parent company Dartcom, Oragen can provide its customers with world-class products through its exclusive partnerships, state of the art warehousing, and efficient distribution capabilities. The integrated services with the Dartcom group of companies complement Oragen’s own unparalleled skills and experience within the energy sector, which provide customers with a unique offering unsurpassed in the industry. Oragen Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dartcom.

Our Market


Oragen has an experienced team that will take the complexity out of selecting the right solution for your home.


Keeping your business up and running must be your top priority. Oragen designs and builds efficient corporate solutions so that you can focus on what you do best.

Agriculture and Industry

Oragen has the ability to scale up on the design, delivery and implementation of alternative energy solutions on a large scale, such as those needed in industry and agriculture.

Property Development

We believe in long-term and strong partnerships that will deliver results. When it comes to the development of estates and other commercial housing offerings, we know that providing alternative energy with a trusted partner is key.

Why Us

When it comes to selecting an alternative energy solution there is no one-size fits all product that will exactly meet a customer’s needs. Each home, business, school, or industrial customer will have their own energy requirement, different devices that need to be integrated, services that need to be powered or even have space limitations that need to be catered for. As such, they need a tailor-made energy solutions. It was through this understanding that Oragen Energy was born; knowing that each customer, large or small, requires a fully integrated energy solution that will not only meet their energy needs exactly, but also their budget. Whether customers need to reduce the energy cost, make provision for continuous supply of power, or integrate generators or energy storage systems, Oragen Energy will ensure that all bases are covered. At Oragen Energy we believe in a solutions-driven approach, which means that we will walk our customers through the entire process of selecting, designing, installing, operating, and maintaining an energy solution.

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