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For each customer we perform a complete energy needs analysis .Whether a customer would like to only keep their Wi-Fi up and running, or whether they need to keep their business-critical services powered, we will determine exactly what solution would best fit any situation. We engineer and design solutions that will not only be best suited to their power needs, but also create a suitable layout of the technologies we implement, to ensure every installation makes the most efficient use of space.


We purchase and install top-quality products that will best benefit our customers, ensuring that all technical, construction, standards and quality, including regulatory, environmental and related requirements are met. Whether you require a ground mounted installation on a farm or looking for a rooftop solution for your business, our approved and professional installers will ensure that your solar solution meets all the required installation standards.



We maintain and monitor your energy solution through our state-of-the-art remote monitoring service. Our team are available to our customers in any maintenance situation giving customers confidence that their solution will always fulfil their needs.


We provide quality-driven, customer energy needs analyses, consultation, design, engineering, installation, and commissioning of fit-for-purpose energy solutions. These solutions can be an outright purchase after installation, or Oragen can provide a financial solution based on a power purchase agreement (PPA) or capacity charge agreement (CCA), together with our financial partners over an agreed period, ranging from 10-20 years.